Who We Are
Pressure Works is a professional high pressure cleaning company serving the needs of
commercial businesses and residential home owners.  Pressure washing is one of the
most affordable and easiest ways to improve the appearance and value of your home or
business.  Pressure Works has the knowledge and experience to get your job done right.
Why Choose Pressure Works?
We use the latest technology in equipment and methods to provide superior service at an
affordable price.
Customized to your specific needs, we use a combination of high pressure water
agitation, varying water temperatures, and proven cleaning solutions to guarantee clean,
residue-free results.
Our business is founded on honesty, integrity, and ethics enabling us to provide the best
customer service every time.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the
cleaning job we do for you, please contact us.  We feel that nothing is more important
than your complete satisfaction.
We are an experienced, locally owned and operated company.  Our goal is to provide
you with the best cleaning experience possible.
Pressure Works is fully insured. Free Estimates.
Why Pressure Wash?
Appearance is everything.  Whether it's your sidewalk, storefront, truck trailer, or home,
it is a reflection of you or your business.  A clean, debris-free exterior makes the best
impression.  Your customers will realize the quality and reliability you provide when they
visit your business.  In addition, your home is a major investment that shouldn't be
neglected. Having your home or business properly cleaned on a regular basis is the
easiest way to maintain its appearance and value.  Dirt, mildew, oxidation, and debris not
only damage your image, but can cause costly repairs, renovations, or replacements.
Questions or Concerns? Contact us at Justin@pressure-works.com or call 765-210-4012 for
Kokomo, 765-384-4584 for Marion, and 1-888-242-6042 Toll Free.
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